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Who God Says I Am

Over the past few months, God has been teaching me who he says I am. Life has been so hard lately. It often feels like issues will be coming my way nonstop, and it honestly gets so overwhelming.

When I struggle, it always flips my view of my self upside down. I tend to spiral into a hole of self hatred and anxiety. But God has recently revealed to me that the extra pain that I have is really just extra pain that I give to myself, because I don't give it to him. When my life gets hard, I try to take control of the situation, but I am learning that that is such an immature thing to do. How could I ever possibly have any type of control? It's impossible.

God says that I am his daughter, that I am loved, valued, and worth it. Because of these truths, God WANTS to take away all of my pain and sadness. This means a great deal to me, but it also reveals so much about God's character.

He is such an awesome God, and we are all so extremely blessed that he is willing to do this for all of us.

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